Thoughts from finishing one year of law school

Yesterday, May 1, officially marks the day I had finished my first year at law school.

My results were released yesterday following the last of my exams on April 15. And I am really happy I had done decently well enough in the exams and maintained an average of 70 marks.

I’m not aiming to be the top student, so the grades are pretty decent. They are not super, but I am thankful. I was pleasantly surprised by my grade for Contracts (I thought I wouldn’t do too well), and a little disappointed with Property (I thought this would be my best subject grade wise). Evidence was alright. Did better than I expected. But overall, I felt I could do better and work on time management during exam and examination technique.

As I made by way through Trimester 3, I feel I’m starting to get the hang of things. I’m beginning to like law and to being a lawyer. I participated in some client-interviewing competition (which I got knocked out in the preliminaries) and it was a good experience. I worked pretty hard on my assignments and didn’t do too shabbily in them. It was a marked improvement over Trimester 2.

One of the more difficult parts of Trimester 3 was going from two to three subjects. It meant more assignments and assignments due dates being scheduled closer to one another, had more things to prepare for exams – and the worst part was having back to back exams – property followed by evidence one day after the other. I know I shouldn’t be whinging but a break of a day in between two subjects would have been better. I know I should have been prepared, but the break would have allowed more time for practice and to clear up the areas I felt I was weak in.

There were some other dramas which went on during the trimester relating to school which I don’t think I want to speak about. Some subjects were more difficult than the rest and it took me a while to figure out stuff by myself.

And as I mentioned in my recap of my second trimester, I would work on analogizing and distinguishing cases from the facts. While I can’t say I have fully mastered this technique, I do pay more attention to the details of the cases so that I could apply them during my analysis and discussion of a factual problem/scenario.

The subjects are going to get more difficult from here. I don’t know if I would still be able to maintain my grades (the results were a bit of a validation and confidence booster) but I would try to work on exam technique for my various subjects in my next trimester. I would also continue to try to work on knowing my cases better, and to read the questions really carefully before jumping into launching an answer.

The road ahead is going to be tough but I hope to do and give my best and attain decent grades. So wish me luck.


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