The Grounds of Alexandria (Huntley St, Alexandria, Sydney)

More vibe and hype than food

20150711_115952 20150711_115355

The Grounds of Alexandria is perhaps well-known for Kevin Bacon – not the actor – but the pig which lives on the grounds. I had always thought of the The Grounds of Alexandria to be a cafe, but it is more than just a cafe. The cafe is just one part of the entire establishment which includes a florist, a small shed where you can pat the animals, a grounds for you to enjoy a takeaway barbecue. It’s really a mini festive market on its own and it really shows on Saturday.


I waited for about 45 minutes to 1 hour to get a table at the cafe The Grounds. It is a coffee roaster as well so coffee is from them.


I had a Flat White. It had a caramel, nutty flavor. Not too bad.

I was probably disappointed with the food options though. The breakfast menu stopped at 11.45am. I was left with only options from the brunch/lunch menu. And they look pretty much inspiring. While most people went for a burger, I didn’t do so as I planned to visit Burger Project that evening. So I settled on the a safe and boring choice  Avocado, heirloom tomato, feta, za’atar, garden mint and micro herbs with The Grounds signature bread with an additional order of poached egg. It wasn’t mind blowing.

I don’t think the cafe is worth a one hour wait. Nothing stands out. You could easily get decent coffee from elsewhere. The pastries and bread do look good though. I did a takeaway of a sweet pastry and bread and they were just delightful. But the again, I wouldn’t travel that far, wait for a hour just for this. Save the trip and time. There are probably better options elsewhere. It’s all about the vibe.


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