Providence Cafe (Rathdowne St, Carlton)

A menu which caught my attention


I came to know about this place through my Instagram feeds – in particular the Chocolatey Rocky Road waffles which looks absolutely sinful and decadent, but I knew I was not going to have them since I tend to avoid sweet things for lunch.


So I opted instead for the savory items. There were a few items which caught my attention. First was the Mushroom Scotch Eggs Soft boiled eggs, wrapped in a crumbed mushroom mince, serve with garden salad and multi-grain
toast fingers which my friend ordered. She added an additional side of potato croquettes (which has cheese and corn in them for $3.80).

My friend was impressed by this dish.  Instead of the usual mince which envelope the egg, mushroom is used here. There was a nice crisp to it. The egg was still runny like the eggs they serve with Japanese ramen. But I’m not sure if the mushrooms actually complemented the egg well. I just felt that the flavors don’t mash pretty well. But overall this was still a novel vegan interpretation of the Scotch Egg. And I think it is worth an order. However, you might want to order anything but the potato croquettes. No, there wasn’t anything wrong with the croquettes, just that it was probably an overload of deep fried items which will burden one’s palate.

I had the Breakfast Stack – Sweet potato and désirée potato hash brown with portobello mushroom, poached eggs and avocado salsa with additional side of bacon.

The hash could have been a little bit more crisp on the outside. I liked that there was nice balance of sweet potato and potato which provides a nice natural sweetness to the hash. The avocado salsa could have been a bit more generous though. I felt the dish could do with a bit more dash of heavier flavors to add oomph to the hash. Didn’t think the mushrooms were necessary to this dish though. But overall, this was definitely a hearty breakfast.

Coffee was good. And I liked the presentation of the Chai tea – scores on aesthetic.



I think this is a cafe worth checking out. The lunch options look just as interesting as the breakfast options. It may not have the industrial chic look, but it has modern, sleek interior with plenty of room that would be friendly for the physically challenged. Also, the options are great for vegans so definitely worth coming back to.


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