The Cow & the Moon (Enmore Rd, Enmore, Sydney)

2014 Gelato World Tour winner lives up to its glory and award winning creation 

While Gelato Messina is popular with the crowds, another Sydney gelato-maker, The Cow and  the Moon, was crowned winner at the Gelato World Tour in Rimini, Italy in 2014 for its almond-affogato flavor.

So despite the winter chill, I made by way down to the Inner West suburb of Enmore just for their gelato.

I had the Chocolate, Fior di Latte and Mandoria Affogato flavors.

I didn’t particular like the Fior di Latte flavor. Thought it was quite weak and didn’t really stand out. I had better ones in Melbourne. The chocolate was rich and decent but forgettable. The affogato flavor was really the best of the lot. The nice aromatic taste of a single origin coffee combined with the nice crunch almonds was just simply divine and made the other flavors pale in comparison. Texture wise, I still prefer Il Melograno and Pidapipo. But that’s just a preference.

I had a taste-test of the Pistachio. Wasn’t really impressed. Just stick to the Mandoria Affogato. You won’t regret the trip.


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