Sacha & Sons (Mandarin Gallery, Mandarin Hotel, Orchard Road)

A New York Jewish style delicatessen in Singapore…the pastrami and Reuben sandwich appears to be the real deal 

AS I mentioned in one my first Bowery to Williamsburg post, my first experience with the Reuben sandwich was in Melbourne, at said place, and unfortunately not that the New York institution Katz Deli which is renowned for its pastrami. The first impression of the Reuben was good, and so when DanielFoodDiary wrote about a New York style deli had opened, I knew that I wanted to check this place out.

Sacha & Sons is opened by the brains behind Wild Honey who were one of the firsts to sell the all day brunch concept in Singapore. Sacha takes over what used to be Wild Honey’s premises at Mandarin Gallery. Wild Honey fans, fret not though, Wild Honey only shifted just a unit or two away. So you can still can get your eggs/brunch fix at Mandarin Gallery.

I know there are a few other places serving the Reuben sandwich such as Nassim Hill Bakery & Bistro and The Provision Store. I tried the Nassim Hill Reuben. It was good, but what stood out was probably the bread for me. I have yet to try The Provision Store’s take yet. It won’t probably be anytime soon as I would be returning to Melbourne in two weeks.

Order the Grilled Reuben on the menu. Sacha & Sons serve the Reuben in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large). A medium would be just right to share between two people if you still intend on trying other items on the menu. There were two of us that Saturday evening and so we ordered a Medium Grilled Reuben to share. We opted for the Pastrami choice (the other choice would be Corned Beef) which same with Sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. Two large pickles and a tiny serving of coleslaw was provided.

This was just oh so good! There was a nice smoked, peppery flavor to the beef. The cuts were a little bit thicker than the usual supermarket deli counter meats and was definitely tender and meaty. It was not bright pink but more of a darker reddish sort of color. The cuts were not too heavy on the fat meat. What I liked was that the dressing and cheese were done in appropriate amounts and did not overpower the flavor of the beef. The bread had a nice crisp to it.

We also ordered the Latke – a Potato and Onion Pancake with Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche. There was nothing to fault or complain about this dish. It was decent. It wasn’t that memorable having consumed the Reuben. This was something I would probably get at brunch in Melbourne. The serving of smoked salmon however was pretty generous though.

If you haven’t tried the Reuben sandwich, head on down to Sacha & Sons. It might just make you fall in love with the Reuben.


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